Amina Fazlullah

Amina Fazlullah serves as the Benton Foundation’s Director of Policy in Washington, DC. Ms. Fazlullah works to further government policies which are intended to address communication needs of vulnerable communities. Since 2010 Ms. Fazlullah has led the Benton Foundation’s work on USF reform with a specific focus on Lifeline and E-rate programs. She works on the Benton Foundation’s efforts to develop and support important consumer protection policies which help vulnerable communities access, adopt and utilize, broadband and voice services. Ms. Fazlullah is also responsible for the Benton Foundation’s efforts around spectrum policy and children’s online privacy. Ms. Fazlullah, has also testified before and briefed Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Commerce, and Federal Trade Commission on consumer telecommunications issues. Prior to working for the Benton Foundation she worked for the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, for the Honorable Chief Judge James M. Rosenbaum of the U.S. District Court of Minnesota, and the Federal Communications Commission. She is graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School (2006) and the Pennsylvania State University (Telecommunciations 2000.)

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