Amara C. Enyia

Amara C. Enyia (ACE) is a Public Policy expert on city and state policy as well as international affairs/foreign policy with expertise in Central Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. She writes extensively on issues of education, economic development, fiscal policy and systems thinking. Dr. Enyia serves as the President of Blue 1647, an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center focused on education, workforce development, and business acceleration. She also serves as the Policy Director for the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association and serves as Executive Director of the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Enyia forayed into politics in 2014 and has since become a highly sought-after thought-leader and top public policy consultant for policymakers and elected officials. Dr. Enyia is a regular radio contributor on WVON 1690 AM where she provides commentary on local, national and international policy and politics. She provides expert political analysis on the weekly politics show Beyond the Beltway. She’s a regular guest on the public affairs show In The Loop. Dr. Enyia regularly co-hosts Aqui Estamos Spanish language radio where she discusses immigration policy and international affairs. She is a regular contributor to CUSP magazine and pens a regular column for several print publications.

Dr. Enyia is a 2016-2018 Global Leadership Fellow with the Global Strategists Association. In this role she travels around the world engaging with policymakers and conducting workshops and seminars that address the most pressing public policy issues through a global lens. She received Bachelors degrees in Broadcast Journalism, Political Science, and News Editorial with concentrations in History and Philosophy. She also received a law degree focusing on International law and development. She holds a Masters Degree in Education and received a PhD in Education Policy Studies. She speaks Igbo, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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