Prepare for something different!

This moment is Not Normal. A regular conference format won’t help us organize to face the new threats of this moment, nor will panels and speeches help us formulate strategies for transforming the media space. Instead, we will organize this conference by centering our own voices using interactive, participatory format.

Set up along the lines of a SWOT analysis, the conference will open with a roundtable Wednesday night frankly assessing this sector’s strengths and weaknesses. We will being an interactive conversation Thursday morning with round robin discussions of the threats news media face, but also the opportunities we can grasp. Groups will then begin to focus on specific areas where the sector can address threats or develop opportunities.

Because we want to come up with solutions, we are inviting a number of vendors and experts to bring their solutions into our space on Friday afternoon. We anticipate groups may visit with these vendors or invite them into their spaces. Saturday is dedicated to providing Media Consortium members with content they need for the next year, although it is possible—and welcome–that some groups from Friday may want to continue meeting Saturday.

Our democratic values are at stake. We must seize the moment to ensure the voice of all the people is heard by those who govern. Join us!